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The children in the Hajj and Umrah

In Islam, children or minors, are those who have not reached puberty, whether male or female, because after this stage and are considered adults, and are therefore bound by all the obligations of Islam and they are fully responsible for their actions.

Children related verdicts of Hajj and Umrah
Hajj performed by children is valid and they are awarded with blessings of this virtue, however, this pilgrimage does not count as compulsory hajj which is must to do for every Muslim once in life. So once they reach puberty and they meet all conditions required for compulsory hajj, then they must again perform the hajj.
Ibn 'Abbas, May Allah be pleased with him reported that a woman, during the pilgrimage, she raised a child and asked the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): "Is this first Hajj of this child?” to which he replied, "Yes, and you also will be rewarded" [Muslim].
At-Tirmidhi, may Allah forgive him, he said that Sh aria'h specialists agreed that children who are carried to the Hajj are bound to repeat it once they reach puberty, because this is not counted as the compulsory hajj of Islam.

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How children perform Hajj
The rituals for children are the same as those for adults. Children should perform all the rituals of hajj and Umrah as their age and physical capacity allow them. For example,
•    They must wear ihram according to the ruling of Islam. The intention can be made by their parents.
•    They must be accompanied to Mina.
•    They must stay in 'Arafah, and spend night in Muzdalifah along with their parents. No one can do these acts on their behalf.
    As they may face danger and difficulty in performing the Rami (throwing pebbles at the pillars of devils at Mina), they may delegate to a parent or guardian to do it for them. Jabir, may Allah be pleased with him, said: "We made the pilgrimage with Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him), and we came with women and children, the elderly did the Talbia and Rami for the children "[Ahmad].
    When an adult does Rami for a minor, he must first throw his own stones first and then for the child.
    If the children can walk, they should perform Tawaf and Sai themselves. But if they cannot do so, or it is dangerous for them due to the possibility of being trodden by people then they can be carried by their parents, guardians, or other adult, and the reward for them is equal.

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